Tag: Frontier College

  • Day #6

    Rushing Towards Photo Album Memories… So I was waiting for it to happen, and finally it has. I must admit that I officially counted the number of days that I will be away from home today. That is by no means a reflection of my first few hours in Fort Hope, but I think that […]

  • Day #6

    Let’s Start Now, for Real… I have officially arrived in Fort Hope…I will write more when I have a consistent internet connection…

  • Day #5

    Into the Breach… I am legitimately excited. This simple statement might not seem like a major victory or success at this point in the trip, but wow, am I ever relieved to be feeling what I am feeling right now. I mean, that being said, let’s keep it all in perspective. I am not necessarily […]

  • Day #4

    Directionally Challenged… Today started out at an ungodly hour. I woke up at about 5:15am and made my way downstairs for my run out to the Terry Fox monument. Sadly, as directionally challenged teenagers do, Natasha and I managed to get completely turned around and likely ran in approximately the opposite direction of the monument. […]

  • Day #3

    More and more thoughts… Sorry to be boring tonight, but you’re not going to get very much out of me. I am tired yes, but the real reason you aren’t going to get a lot out of me is because of my absolutely asinine plan to wake up tomorrow morning and join my friend Natasha […]

  • Day #2

    Steady as She Goes… I am hopefully going to keep things relatively brief tonight, as I really should do that thing with the closed eyes and the lying down for long periods of time; otherwise known as sleep. Anyway, the brief description of today goes like this…I woke up from a relatively sound sleep at […]

  • Day #1

    A Tango, a Thunderstorm and Thunder Bay… The events of June 25th 2009 can be categorized mostly under the term ‘predictable’. When I say June 25th, I of course mean the entire 24 hours of the day, including the part where people are supposed to be sleeping. To properly paint this picture I should tell […]