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  • Deep Breaths and Canoes…

    Day #26 Deep breaths, counting backwards from 100 and singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star were, today, my methods of survival. For whatever reason I found our camp planning session this morning to be extremely tedious, circular and frustrating. Various factors contributed to this feeling of deep frustration, but at the end of it all we […]

  • Moose Meat

    Day #25 Wait for it…this is a pretty big announcement…Okay, not really, but in my mind it is a monumental shift. I have decided that I will start putting my ‘title’ for the day’s blog in the ‘Title’ line and the day number below it in the body of the post. This represents a pretty […]

  • Day #24

    Round and Round We Go… Yesterday’s metaphor was the rollercoaster, today’s will be the merry-go-round. Today I hopped onto one of those old beat up horses and rode round and round at breakneck speed! Today followed a similar pattern to yesterday. Things started out with rain, cold and wind, followed by a relatively peaceful morning […]

  • Barack Obama

    Check out Barack Obama’s remarks from his speech to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People…I will post the link below…One particularly inspiring line: “No one has written your destiny for you – your destiny is in your hands. You cannot forget that, that’s what we have to teach our children.” I can’t […]

  • Day #23

    Up and Down, Up and Down… I have titled tonight’s entry, ‘Up and Down, Up and Down’ for a couple of reasons. Most of them stem from the rollercoaster ride of a day I am now about to finish. Today was the kind of rollercoaster that you get on at the beginning, full of anticipation, […]

  • Day #22

    A Rainy Day… Today’s weather was much like the majority that we have endured so far in Fort Hope. It was cold, wet, rainy and windy…I’m beginning to think that someone at the weather channel just rolls the dice when predicting weather for Fort Hope. I mean seriously, I looked at the forecast yesterday morning […]

  • Milestone!!!

    Fearnall Online Gets it’s 1,000th Hit!

  • Day #21

    Field of Dreams… I am going to start at the end…Today was a great day for me…I was able to recapture a past time of my youth, and with it, the associated glory. I am of course talking about baseball. Tonight I spent a good portion of two hours playing baseball with about 18 guys […]

  • Day #20

    Reset…and Go! I’m a little short on words tonight, so this is probably going to be relatively brief…Today was what I am calling our ‘reset and go’ day. After muddling our way through the first week of camp this weekend was an opportunity for us to reset our program and expectations for the rest of […]

  • Day #19

    Heart Beat Drum Strokes… Today was the second and final day of our hand drum workshop. After arriving this morning we participated in opening prayer and then began the process of stringing our drums. We attached the drum skin to the frame using pieces of moose hide leather. It was a long and arduous process, […]