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  • The Fast, Slow Day

    Day #57 Before I really launch into this I should say that it rained again in Fort Hope…Nothing new, just something that I thought I should update you on…Okay, and also, one more thing…Why is it that the number of people visiting my blog randomly spiked today? I feel very flattered by this, but I […]

  • Move It!

    Day #56 Today was a crazy day. We were evicted, twice. First we were informed that we needed to move out of our house in order to let the cleaning staff in to clean. At first we were told that we would move sometime on Thursday, then suddenly things changed and we were to move […]

  • Raining on Sunday…

    Day #55 In the famous words of Keith Urban it was ‘raining on Sunday’ in Fort Hope. Now, Keith’s words were tinged with country/religious heartbreak, designed to sell records, so I suppose that they’re not the most applicable to my day, but still, I like the reference. August 16, 2009 was one of those lazy, […]

  • House Party…

    Day #54 We have spent much of the last two months living in a fantasy world. Our lives in Fort Hope have taken place within a bubble, without intrusion from the outside world. Today we were reminded that a world does in fact function outside of Fort Hope. For the past two months we have […]

  • Hooray! They’re Alive!

    Day #53 The big decision to start the day was whether or not to attend the funeral service in the community. On the one hand we wanted to pay our respects, but on the other, we didn’t want to intrude. Our final decision was to remain home and not attend the funeral. I had some […]

  • In Passing…

    Day #52 It has been an interesting 48 hours here in Fort Hope. In that space of time, one community elder passed away at a hospital in Thunder Bay, another passed away here in the community and another is expected to leave us within the next few days. As a result, the town has gone […]

  • I’ve Got a Little Desert in My Shoe…

    Day #51 It is a dark and stormy night here in Fort Hope. The rain pours steadily outside, and for the first time, we have been treated to a small, but high intensity, thunderstorm. The sky went a particularly menacing shade of grey just before sunset and the wind picked up to a gale force. […]

  • The Half Century…

    Day #50 Well, today was a milestone day if you pay attention to the numbers. Today marked the 50th day of my journey from London to Fort Hope. The actually number is not really important, but the experiences that I’ve had do mean something. I’m not really ready to ‘reflect’ upon my first 50 days, […]

  • We’ll all be Zombies Someday…

    Day #49 Oh Nicholas… I can’t help but share a little conversation that my 5 year old friend Nicholas had with himself today. This conversation had deep roots in Nicholas’s two brothers, Nygel and Joshua. Nygel and Josh are in our afternoon group of 10-11s and were both featured prominently as zombies in the epic […]

  • Ah…The Lazy Day…What a Wonderful Thing!

    Day #48 It rained all day, but wow, did I ever love it! As has been the case throughout most of the summer, my morning began with the sound of rain outside my window. This calming sound, combined with the grey sky peeking through my blinds conspired to keep me in bed until about 10:30am. […]