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  • Day #16

    Sleepy… I’m not going to lie…Right now I am exhausted and I really need to sleep. It isn’t so much as a result of a long day with the kids, it’s more so a result of a long day in general. We had a really long planning session tonight with the entire team, and as […]

  • Day #15

    Changing Directions… What to say about today…Well, the day started off nicely here in Fort Hope. The sun was shinning for once and it was a nice mild temperature. It wasn’t exactly balmy, but it certainly was warmer than it has been. After my porridge I headed over to camp to set things up for […]

  • Day #14

    The Queen Can’t Be Dead… Do you see what I just did? By titling this post ‘The Queen Can’t Be Dead’ I have hooked a fair number of you into reading the rest of what I write (I hope). You might wonder why I chose such a strange title for this entry, and I will […]

  • Day #13

    What’s Up Fort Hope? Well today was it, the first day of camp. After all the build up of the last two months, today was the day that we had been waiting for. All in all it was exactly what I expected. Things went somewhat smoonthly, but we definitely had some hiccoughs along the way. […]

  • Day #12

    The Calm Before the Storm… Today was a little bit of a lazy day…We got a late start on the day (we slept in a bit), but I think I made up for it by going for a solid run at about 10:15am. I went all around the outside edge of the community…I did two […]

  • Grocery Bill #2

    I Won`t Show You Every Bill, Just These First Two… Pancake Mix $3.99 Mayo $3.69 Syrup $4.79 Soya Sauce $3.65 Salsa $5.59 Macaroni (2kg) x 2 $11.98 Tortilla Chips $3.85 Popcorn $3.85 Carrots $2.59 Celery $2.89 Lettuce $3.09 Onion $0.72 Pepper Red $1.09 Pepper Green $0.90 Potatoes (10 pounds) $8.99 Cucumber $2.75 Tomato $2.02 Eggs […]

  • Our First Grocery Bill

    Yes, Food Indeed Does Cost More… Kraft Salad Dressing $5.29 Pepperoni Pizza $10.99 Fresh Express Iceberg Garden $4.59 Country Hearth 100% Whole Wheat Bread $3.95 Peas & Carrots $3.35 Minute Rice $12.79 Bush’s Original Baked Beans $2.49 Summer Sausage $3.89 Splendor Long Spaghetti $9.69 French’s Bold and Spicy Mustard $4.59 Primo Thick & Zesty Garlic […]

  • Day #10

    From Peanuts to the Point… So today was the start of the first of our 7 weekends in Fort Hope. I will be away for 8 weekends total, but only 7 of them will take place here in Eabametoong. Last night we stayed up rather late watching the movie Simon Birch. I know that I`ve […]

  • Day #9

    Food, Run, Tag and Internet Today was a day of firsts. It was our first day with internet, our first day with real food, my first run and my first day playing tag outside with the kids for an hour and a half. Today I took the plunge and went for my first run in […]

  • Day #8

    Dynamic… So as you probably can tell, we are still currently without internet…I’m actually rather proud of myself that I have been able to keep writing consistently everyday to this point. Today was the biggest planning day that we have had for the camps so far. After yesterday’s long day of registrations and Canada Day […]