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  • Just Keep Running…

    Alright, so I’m still a day behind on my blogs. I really wanted to be productive yesterday, so I made sure that I did one blog and then enjoyed some good quality time in Leuven. So, what happened yesterday you ask. Well, let’s just say that for most people it was a day to just […]

  • NATO is Kind of Cool…Just Saying…

    As you may have noticed, I fell off the ‘posting’ every night band wagon yesterday. Well, I am back on the wagon and will do my best to update you on the goings on of the last two days. Yesterday started out bright and early once again. Luckily for us, the weather has been absolutely […]

  • Rockstar, Journalist, Politician?

    Today was Day #3 in Belgium. I can’t believe that it is only the end of our third day. In a good sort of way it feels like we’ve been here for forever. I think that it may have something to do with the fact that we are squeezing every possible hour out of our […]

  • The Briefings Begin (We’re Kind of Like Jason Bourne)…

    Day #2 – Briefings Begin (Brussels) Today was the true start of our Belgium Study Abroad program. Things got underway at the hour of 7am with a wakeup call from our fearless team leader Yasmeen. Surprisingly, everyone in our room was pretty well awake by the time she arrived to give us the ‘get the […]

  • I’m Back! Belgium Study Abroad Course!

    On Saturday evening at 8:35pm I flew out of a very foggy and wet Pearson Airport for Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France. The reason for my cross Atlantic voyage is a study abroad course in Belgium focusing on the public policy of the European Union, NATO and International Criminal Court of Justice. The […]

  • Vampire vs. Zombies

    The FORT HOPE Video These are the links to the videos we made in Fort Hope with the kids!

  • The Residence Life Begins

    Despite only being back in London for a grand total of 6.5 days, I am now officially back at Huron University College. This week I am being trained to be a member of the 2009/2010 residence life staff. The next seven days will take me through the finer points of what it takes to be […]

  • Last Day in Thunder Bay & Back to London…

    Day #62 Well, I shouldn’t be awake right now. I should be sleeping because I fly out of Thunder Bay at 8:50am. I have to be coherent enough to negotiate my way to Wasaya baggage claim to get my guitar and then on to Air Canada baggage check-in. My flight from Toronto to London is […]

  • Back to Reality…

    Day #61 I’m back to reality. I’m sitting in my Lakehead University dorm room awaiting the start of my final day away from home. I won’t even begin to describe the feelings I had today, because at this moment I cannot put them into words. I am happy as anything to be only one day […]

  • The Last Day

    Day #60 Well, there you have it folks. Camp is officially over here in Fort Hope. I’m exhausted, but pleased. The day was crazy. Some things went according to plan, and some didn’t. People came to our party. People enjoyed our party. The Chief and I had another amazing talk. Have I mentioned that I’m […]