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  • Tonight Matters

    One year ago I wrote a blog post about the One Love Rally. I talked about how, inexplicably perhaps, I felt like something had shifted about the culture at Western. Today, having experienced a second Orientation Week with the One Love Rally, I am still somewhat tentative to proclaim Western to be a fully accepting […]

  • “Don’t Be Afraid to Fall in Love” – Incoming Speech to the USC

    Before I say anything I want to say thank you to Andrew and to the members of the 2011/12 USC Executive. I have learned a lot from the strength you showed as a team and from the example that you have set this year. I can honestly say that I believe in your collective passion […]

  • Showtime.

    How a group of people reacts under pressure says a lot about its collective character, motivation and spirit. If you want to see the true colours of each team in the USC election I challenge you to examine each one’s reaction to the news of the election invalidation. After dealing with the initial annoyance of […]

  • Thanks for the Dress Rehearsal. Get Ready for Showtime.

    For those of you who don’t know, the University’s elections infrastructure was hacked on Tuesday night. It could not be confirmed that vote counts were not tampered with so the University made the decision to invalidate the election. Aside from the fact that I’m sure we’d like this to be over now, I think this […]

  • Perspective

    There are moments in life when you realize that there is a bigger picture than the one you are seeing. For the past two weeks I have been running to be President of the University Students’ Council at Western and have admittedly been caught up in the process. I don’t think that there is necessarily anything […]

  • Try

    Sometimes there is a song that speaks to you. It comes into your life just when you need it and for some reason it stays with you. Some might argue that a great song is a great song and that there is nothing more to it. However, I submit that it takes far more than […]

  • A Few Thoughts on Jack

    I don’t profess to be an expert on the topic of Jack Layton and would never attempt to provide definitive commentary on his passing. However, I do want to share a few things that Mr. Layton (Jack) made me think about. It strikes me that Jack Layton would have appreciated knowing that he made us […]

  • The Politics of Division

    As of today there are 14 days left until Canadians take to the polls on May 2nd to elect its next federal parliament. The campaign has had its share of excitement by political standards. From Michael Ignatieff’s “Rise Up” speech to Jack Layton’s ‘hashtag fail’ and the Vote Mobs making waves across University campuses the […]

  • Windermere Cafe Set List

    Weighty Ghost – Wintersleep Old Apartment – Barenaked Ladies Ordinary Day – Great Big Sea One Week – Barenaked Ladies California – Wave Wonderwall – Oasis Free Fallin’ – Tom Petty Let Her Cry – Hootie and the Blowfish Save Tonight – Eagle Eye Cheery Semi Charmed Life – Third Eye Blind 500 Miles – […]

  • Windermere Cafe Gig Renewed for November

    Tom McIntosh and I will continue to play our Friday night gig at Windermere Cafe through the months of October and November. Join us every Friday night for live music from 5pm-9pm. Let us know if you have any song requests!