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  • A Walk at Walden

    [I assure you that I hand wrote this in a journal beside the pond] It’s almost surreal sitting at the edge of Walden Pond. Walden is the site of Henry David Thoreau’s reflective work of the same name. Today, Walden is part of the Massachusetts Park system. Almost every English student comes across Thoreau at […]

  • There ain’t muc…

    There ain’t muc…

    There ain’t much to being a ballplayer, if you’re a ballplayer. Honus Wagner was a really good baseball player; so good that he was part of the inaugural induction class when the Baseball Hall of Fame was officially opened in Cooperstown, NY. As I walked through the Hall of Fame today I was overwhelmed by the poetry and artistry […]

  • Beavers in Cooperstown

    I went for a run tonight just outside of Cooperstown, NY. It was more for exploration purposes than for intense cardio. Running and observing seem to be part of how I try to take in, process and begin to understand new places. I like my roaming runs because they allow me to see places that […]


    As students at universities around the country fight through the last few weeks of exams and assignments I felt the urge to write something. Universities are increasingly becoming aware of the impacts of student stress, but I still find myself frustrated with the willing acceptance of ‘stress’ as a necessary part of the university experience. […]

  • Living My Imagination Out Loud: What ‘Gypsy’ Meant to Me

    It’s hard to know what to write about my experience with MTP’s production of Gypsy. For those of you who don’t know, I spent a portion of the last few months rehearsing for a part in the show and just finished a seven show run at the Palace Theatre. I find myself struggling to articulate […]

  • Mismanaging Alleged Mismanagement: Big Island Lake Cree Nation

    Mismanaging Alleged Mismanagement: Big Island Lake Cree Nation This article is a little bit old, but I wanted to take a moment to draw attention to something that has bothered me since I read it for the first time. The issue outlined in the article is framed as one of political corruption, financial mismanagement and loss of public trust. If you haven’t […]

  • I’ll Follow You

    Yesterday I wrote about the importance of listening to full albums and drew your attention to Ben Rector’s “Thank God I Miss You.” I didn’t have to dig quite as deeply to find today’s track but it is probably one that you could overlook it you aren’t paying attention. The reason that I almost missed […]

  • Thank God I Miss You

    I’m still one of those people who buys full albums. Many people have moved towards buying ‘singles’ and I guess that I can understand why. Some of the huge pop records that get churned out of the major labels these days seem to feature a couple of radio-ready hits and then not a whole lot […]

  • What the Candidates Can’t Say

    I remember what this time of year was like for me. A year ago my team was starting its journey through a hacker-extended month of USC election campaigning.The experience is somewhat surreal in the first couple of days because you can’t quite believe that the campaign is finally happening or that you’re a candidate. Running […]

  • Let the Fear In

    We live in a world where people are often pulled apart by difficult situations. When the going gets tough we all have a tendency to retreat towards what we know best. For some this means finding a safe place, for others it means mentally withdrawing and for others still it means taking a step back […]