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  • Day #2

    Steady as She Goes… I am hopefully going to keep things relatively brief tonight, as I really should do that thing with the closed eyes and the lying down for long periods of time; otherwise known as sleep. Anyway, the brief description of today goes like this…I woke up from a relatively sound sleep at […]

  • Day #1

    A Tango, a Thunderstorm and Thunder Bay… The events of June 25th 2009 can be categorized mostly under the term ‘predictable’. When I say June 25th, I of course mean the entire 24 hours of the day, including the part where people are supposed to be sleeping. To properly paint this picture I should tell […]

  • Leamington

    I am currently sitting in an ESL office in Leamington, Ontario, preparing for tonight’s 2 hour English class. Leamington is a  relatively small farming community about 40 minutes from Windsor, Ontario. The community has a large population of migrant workers, mainly from Spanish speaking nations, but also from the Caribbean and Thailand. I am visiting […]

  • Dave…

    Dave Dave’s car inched forward. It was now raining furiously as he attempted to guide his grey-blue Buick along the ever darkening streets. Through the rain, Dave could not help but feel a sense of guilt. Today should have been sunny. The car was now rolling steadily towards home, when the reality of another day […]

  • And So it Begins…

    Well, as it I sit in my residence room and wait for the results of the Huron Student Council Elections I thought I would take the opportunity to write a little bit about my first few weeks at university. I told myself at the beginning of this whole experience that I would not write a […]

  • The Midway State

    Check out this band from Toronto, Ontario. Their music has a polished and professional feel that strikes a balance somewhere between Keane, Coldplay and U2. The music also features incredible vocal depth not often found in up and coming bands. Take a listen to “The Midway State.”

  • I am Who I am and Nothing Else

    Recently someone close to me uttered a statement that struck me as being so profound that I am writing about it on Friday night of my university orientation week. This statement may not seem profound or particularly complex, but to me it was an illustration of just what it meant to be real. The statement […]


    On August 09, 2008 upcoming band COFIELD feature Adam Fearnall (me) as lead singer, Tom McIntosh and Ryan Blackwell on Guitar, Tim Grainger on drums and Steve (Ryan) Gravelle on Bass take the stage at 42 Normandy Gardens to test drive new material in front of many friends and family. Show details are below: When: […]

  • The Fear of Success

    “A wise man once told me that being arrogant is not necessarily a bad thing, but being smug is.”

  • Cleaning the Parliament Office

    On January 2nd 2008 a journey will begin. A journey so perilous and so dangerous that many would not dare to travel towards its end. The journey will commence at 10:30am in the depths of Oakridge Secondary School. At approximately 10:30am the Oakridge Student Parliament and a few brave helpers will delve into the secrets […]