A Smile: “The Bag is Ready, The Bag is Ready”

TLDR — The really nice guy at MEC fixed my running vest for free and called me over the intercom when it was ready. It was nice. I went to MEC today to get my running vest fixed. The most wonderful technician fixed it, for free. The technician came to the front of the store,... Continue Reading →

Where is Stephen Lecce, My USC President?

I recently signed a letter, alongside 26 former Presidents of the University Students Council at Western, calling on the Students’ Council President from my first year, Stephen Lecce, to meet with us to discuss Minister Merrilee Fullerton’s recent announcement about post-secondary education. Stephen is now a Progressive Conservative MPP for King-Vaughan with what appears to... Continue Reading →

Men Don’t Cry

Men Don't Cry (Muškarci ne placu) was the first film in my Galway Film Festival experience. I saw it this morning at Pálás Cinema in Galway. This post is the first in my series of blogs from the festival, called Before & After. Men Don't Cry dramatizes a reconciliation gathering of former soldiers from the Yugoslav Wars. The film confronts its audience with questions about the nature of truth, humanity, identity, and forgiveness. Here is how I experienced it.

I Don’t Like Our Stories

We celebrate Vancouver in Belfast, play hockey in Derry, yet I don’t like our stories. We vote Trudeau in Donegal, speak French in Galway, yet I don’t like our stories. We wear Blue Jays in Limerick, wave flags in Dingle, yet I don’t like our stories. We fund health care in Listowel, drink Canadian in... Continue Reading →

Aesthetic or Ethical? Fiction or Non-Fiction?

Listen here: https://longform.org/posts/longform-podcast-297-elif-batuman Today I walked around with Elif Batuman's thoughts running through my head. Yesterday I shivered, chuckled, and smiled my way through Elif's interview on the Longform Podcast (subscribe, really, you won't regret it) and today I walked around thinking about the blurry boundaries between two perpendicular concepts, fiction and non-fiction and aesthetic and ethical.... Continue Reading →

Stopped along the road from Walden to my Motel in Bedford because this was just too awesome not to get a picture of.

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