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  • Living My Imagination Out Loud: What ‘Gypsy’ Meant to Me

    It’s hard to know what to write about my experience with MTP’s production of Gypsy. For those of you who don’t know, I spent a portion of the last few months rehearsing for a part in the show and just finished a seven show run at the Palace Theatre. I find myself struggling to articulate […]

  • I’ll Follow You

    Yesterday I wrote about the importance of listening to full albums and drew your attention to Ben Rector’s “Thank God I Miss You.” I didn’t have to dig quite as deeply to find today’s track but it is probably one that you could overlook it you aren’t paying attention. The reason that I almost missed […]

  • Thank God I Miss You

    I’m still one of those people who buys full albums. Many people have moved towards buying ‘singles’ and I guess that I can understand why. Some of the huge pop records that get churned out of the major labels these days seem to feature a couple of radio-ready hits and then not a whole lot […]