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  • Don’t Be Afraid of A Good Idea

    Tonight I needed a distraction, so I went to the movies. Tonight, I needed a guilty pleasure, so I went to a Michael Moore film. I was one of eight people in the theatre for tonight’s 9:10 showing of Where to Invade Next, the latest in Michael Moore’s catalogue of cheeky documentaries about our southern neighbour’s flaws, […]

  • More Than a Court

    Eyes catch leather as the ball floats through the air. Sidelines melt under crowded feet, headlights break the darkness, and blacktop scratches the silence. The ball hits the floor, the beat takes over, and the game begins. If you spend enough time around the last generation of White Oaks Park basketball players you’ll hear them […]

  • Is Canada prepared for what a missing women inquiry might reveal?

    Is Canada prepared for what a missing women inquiry might reveal? “Given half a chance, the lawyers in the Justice department will write the most restrictive terms of reference for the inquiry. They’ll spend months drafting and redrafting a lengthy document larded with legalese that will confound the public and limit the inquiry’s scope.” Not […]

  • People are Interesting

    People are Interesting

    This is sure to last all of about 1 day, but welcome to my attempt to write a little bit more frequently. There’s a cliché out there that says that writing is like a muscle, the more you exercise it the easier it is to do. I’m not entirely sure that this is necessarily true, but if […]

  • In The End, Stories Are All That We Have

    In The End, Stories Are All That We Have

    Today I had the pleasure of addressing the graduates at Medix College in London, Ontario. It was a truly powerful experience to be part of this particular graduation ceremony. Thank you to Gerry Slattery at Medix for the opportunity and to the graduates, friends and family who permitted me to take up 15 minutes of their […]

  • Also, we should all have a flowerpot person on our front lawn…

    Stopped along the road from Walden to my Motel in Bedford because this was just too awesome not to get a picture of.

  • A Walk at Walden

    [I assure you that I hand wrote this in a journal beside the pond] It’s almost surreal sitting at the edge of Walden Pond. Walden is the site of Henry David Thoreau’s reflective work of the same name. Today, Walden is part of the Massachusetts Park system. Almost every English student comes across Thoreau at […]

  • There ain’t muc…

    There ain’t muc…

    There ain’t much to being a ballplayer, if you’re a ballplayer. Honus Wagner was a really good baseball player; so good that he was part of the inaugural induction class when the Baseball Hall of Fame was officially opened in Cooperstown, NY. As I walked through the Hall of Fame today I was overwhelmed by the poetry and artistry […]

  • Beavers in Cooperstown

    I went for a run tonight just outside of Cooperstown, NY. It was more for exploration purposes than for intense cardio. Running and observing seem to be part of how I try to take in, process and begin to understand new places. I like my roaming runs because they allow me to see places that […]


    As students at universities around the country fight through the last few weeks of exams and assignments I felt the urge to write something. Universities are increasingly becoming aware of the impacts of student stress, but I still find myself frustrated with the willing acceptance of ‘stress’ as a necessary part of the university experience. […]