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  • Behold My Heart

    Behold My Heart

    I arrive in Eyre Square, I’m thinking about high school, about my version of football fields, tents, and frightened hands. Do I want more of them? Will they be different now? I’ve had better moments, I think.

  • Ferrugem (Rust)

    Ferrugem (Rust)

    If you’re a loyal reader, you’ll notice that my format has changed for this post. I’ve decided that a freer-flowing post, devoid of too many categories, is a better format. To be honest, the categories were starting to feel a little bit contrived and I was faced with the reality that I couldn’t publish immediately […]

  • Men Don’t Cry

    Men Don’t Cry

    Men Don’t Cry (Muškarci ne placu) was the first film in my Galway Film Festival experience. I saw it this morning at Pálás Cinema in Galway. This post is the first in my series of blogs from the festival, called Before & After. Men Don’t Cry dramatizes a reconciliation gathering of former soldiers from the Yugoslav Wars. The film confronts its audience with questions about the nature of truth, humanity, identity, and forgiveness. Here is how I experienced it.

  • Deer Hunter [Before & After Preview]

    Deer Hunter [Before & After Preview]

    As I wrote about earlier, I’ve given myself a writing assignment for the next four days. I’ll be writing a medium-length post after each film that I see at the Galway Film Fleadh. I’ve decided to call this series of blogs, Before & After. I’ll tell you what I’m experiencing, feeling, and thinking before and […]

  • Before & After, A Writing Assignment

    Before & After, A Writing Assignment

    I’m in Galway, Ireland looking at a sculpture of a rooster that stands in the middle of the window to the backyard. I’m here, alongside the rooster, for the next six nights, to experience the Galway Film Fleadh. I’m nearing the end of a month in Ireland, a return to Scotland for six nights (and […]

  • I Don’t Like Our Stories

    We celebrate Vancouver in Belfast, play hockey in Derry, yet I don’t like our stories. We vote Trudeau in Donegal, speak French in Galway, yet I don’t like our stories. We wear Blue Jays in Limerick, wave flags in Dingle, yet I don’t like our stories. We fund health care in Listowel, drink Canadian in […]

  • Stupid Love

    Stupid Love

    For the last few weeks I’ve been writing and trying to write. I’m not sure what my writerly voice is, but I do know that I have a tendency to edit as I type. I sit in my chair, uncertain about the tone that I want to strike and then I start to work the […]

  • Aesthetic or Ethical? Fiction or Non-Fiction?

    Listen here: Today I walked around with Elif Batuman’s thoughts running through my head. Yesterday I shivered, chuckled, and smiled my way through Elif’s interview on the Longform Podcast (subscribe, really, you won’t regret it) and today I walked around thinking about the blurry boundaries between two perpendicular concepts, fiction and non-fiction and aesthetic and ethical. […]

  • Yachts, Zippers, and French Kissing

    This morning I started my day off reading Allison Arieff’s July 9th op-ed entitled ‘Solving All the Wrong Problems’. The article came to me via an experience, last month, at a Social Innovation Residency called Getting to Maybe. It was shared by a member of the faculty team as, what I took as, a sort of […]

  • For Robert Kennedy

    For Robert Kennedy

    A reflection is a nice way to start the morning. It’s a way of bringing the mind into the day in a way that isn’t influenced by lists, emails, or reason. I’m not sure how often I’ll post my morning reflections because let’s be honest, somedays I won’t want to share and somedays I just […]