Love You Forever

I can’t even read about reading Love You Forever without crying. I read this article, by Yasmine Abbasakoor, sitting on my couch in Halifax, and feel like driving home to see my mom and dad. I mean, why not? Right? I could get in the car and be home by, well, it’d be like this... Continue Reading →

Could I Live On A Farm With Friends?

Photos taken by Adam Fearnall, in Cashel, Tipperary, Ireland (2018) I gather the first moments of the day through an uncovered bedroom window. The field sits in the foreground, full of plants that I never thought I'd understand, and a stand of trees paints upwards along the horizon. A blue pickup turns towards the road,... Continue Reading →


On Boxing Day in Newfoundland. I start without ceremony or expectation, all wet sticks, newspaper bits, and saw cuts. I am lethargy and intention, watching broad swaths of sun coat the backs of mountains. I sit roughly, collapsed against black metal, smoking furtively, beckoning commitment not yet mustered. Around me, anxious possibilities swirl, whispering sweater... Continue Reading →

A Smile: iPhone to Computer Sound

I started my morning at work, alone in the office, listening to my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist. The Spotify app on my desktop always takes a few minutes to start, so I began my listening on my iPhone. There's something liberating about playing music out loud in the office, without headphones, before anyone else arrives.... Continue Reading →

We Don’t Have a Clue What School is Like

I always look out for the word "our" when I'm listening to institutions speak. I pay particular attention when institutions are speaking about young people. The word "our" comes up a lot in the world of children, youth, and student work. I regularly notice it when myself and others say things like, "our young people,... Continue Reading →

We Blew It

BEFORE “His face, like, blew up!” That’s what I hear at the intersection of the restaurant and the staircase that leads to the bathroom. I pause for a minute, to consider how it would feel to have a face that “like, blew up.” I’m caught in my contemplation, “You alright?” says a vaguely concerned looking... Continue Reading →

Reports from Sarah and Saleem

BEFORE  There’s just enough time to meet Sinead, before the show starts. Sinead and Nina are in the Film Society together. I’m not taking any notes. I’ll take the chance. I’m breaking my own rule, not anyone else’s. I'll let it slide. I wonder if I’ll remember any of this conversation when I write? (I... Continue Reading →

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