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  • The Beaver on Land is Like a Chicken Nugget

    The Beaver on Land is Like a Chicken Nugget

    Today’s award for smile-inducing descriptive phrasing goes to Emily Fairfax, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Resource Management at California State University and Channel Islands. In an article in the Sacramento Bee, Professor Fairfax said, “The beaver on land is like a chicken nugget walking through the landscape for predators…They’re fat and they’re slow and […]

  • I’m Here Reacting | #OurLondonFamily

    Trigger Warning: This post contains discussion of the recent terrorist attack in London, Ontario and documents my experience of hearing the news. I was sitting in a warehouse in Halifax, waiting to be called to set, when I found out about the terrorist attack in London, Ontario. I heard the news from my dad, in […]

  • Chi Chi DeVayne’s Lip Sync To Remember

    Chi Chi DeVayne’s Lip Sync To Remember

    My partner Kelsey introduced me to RuPaul’s Drag Race. My journey into relatively devout fandom started pre-pandemic, but the extra time at home has allowed for a deeper dive than might have otherwise happened. We’ve watched a random collection of seasons so far — I’m not going to try to name the seasons because to […]

  • I Didn’t Need Google For That

    I Didn’t Need Google For That

    I learned something about mangoes yesterday. It isn’t anything overly profound, but it was useful to learn. Although, when I say that I learned something, I feel like I’m stretching the boundaries of the word; giving Google too much credit. What I think I mean is that my instincts were confirmed by a Google search. […]

  • Love You Forever

    Love You Forever

    I can’t even read about reading Love You Forever without crying. I read this article, by Yasmine Abbasakoor, sitting on my couch in Halifax, and feel like driving home to see my mom and dad. I mean, why not? Right? I could get in the car and be home by, well, it’d be like this […]

  • Could I Live On A Farm With Friends?

    I gather the first moments of the day through an uncovered bedroom window. The field sits in the foreground, full of plants that I never thought I’d understand, and a stand of trees paints upwards along the horizon. A blue pickup turns towards the road, exhaust floating over the corn stalks that frame the driveway. […]

  • Learning About Vision from A Blueprint for Dramatic Change

    Learning About Vision from A Blueprint for Dramatic Change

    Riche’s article reminds me of the importance of visioning, a practice known elsewhere and otherwise as imagining or dreaming. Riche does these things in this article and I’m going to bet that he can do it, in part, because he practices storytelling and creating.

  • Introspection


    On Boxing Day in Newfoundland. I start without ceremony or expectation, all wet sticks, newspaper bits, and saw cuts. I am lethargy and intention, watching broad swaths of sun coat the backs of mountains. I sit roughly, collapsed against black metal, smoking furtively, beckoning commitment not yet mustered. Around me, anxious possibilities swirl, whispering sweater […]

  • A Smile: “The Bag is Ready, The Bag is Ready”

    A Smile: “The Bag is Ready, The Bag is Ready”

    TLDR — The really nice guy at MEC fixed my running vest for free and called me over the intercom when it was ready. It was nice. I went to MEC today to get my running vest fixed. The most wonderful technician fixed it, for free. The technician came to the front of the store, […]

  • A Smile: Wearing Double Shoes

    A Smile: Wearing Double Shoes

    I run back and forth to work most days. I wake up, eat breakfast, listen to a podcast, have a cup of tea, and jog into work. In the evenings, at the end of the day, my routine is less defined. When I’m ready to run home I set aside my emails, find my running […]