Author: adamfearnall

  • The Fear of Success

    “A wise man once told me that being arrogant is not necessarily a bad thing, but being smug is.”

  • Cleaning the Parliament Office

    On January 2nd 2008 a journey will begin. A journey so perilous and so dangerous that many would not dare to travel towards its end. The journey will commence at 10:30am in the depths of Oakridge Secondary School. At approximately 10:30am the Oakridge Student Parliament and a few brave helpers will delve into the secrets […]

  • Highschool Musical

    The subject of which I am about to deal with may make some readers cringe. However, as a cast member of a High School Musical stage production, I feel obligated to weigh in on the debate surrounding the franchise. Some people will say that the two movies (High School Musical and High School Musical 2) deserve to be […]

  • Red Feather

    Today was one of those days, one that you look forward to, yet dread, all at the same time. Today was the date of the annual United Way Red Feather football game. Ever since the concepts inception, the words Red Feather have become synonomous with the United Way and football. The games are hosted each year by the United Way of London and […]

  • The Start

    Well, I have tried this process once before without much success, but this time will be different. This is my second attempt at maintaining a blog. My first attempt began at the urging of my good friend Alex Killby ( who is a computer wiz and has been blogging for a while now. The idea […]