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  • Listening: Nathan Angelo Discography

    Listening: Nathan Angelo Discography

    Listening to Nathan Angelo, back-to-back x 4 is inspiring. Just before Christmas I ordered a 5 CD bundle from Nathan Angelo. It included his albums: Out of the Blue (2013), Nathan Angelo: Live at Smith’s Olde Bar (2015), Carolina (2015), A Matter of Time (2017), and Pick Me Up (2021). I added these to 3 […]

  • Reasonable Resignations   

    Reasonable Resignations    

    Allowing our failures to walk among us. Is it reasonable to ask leaders to resign?   I’ve been mulling this over since I was invited to sign an open letter to the Pillar Nonprofit Network’s Board of Directors, asking for its members to resign and support a transition to new leadership. Upon first reading, I […]

  • Field Report: St. John’s, Newfoundland

    Field Report: St. John’s, Newfoundland

    This field report documents my observations, feelings, insights, and questions from my recent trip to St. John’s, Newfoundland in support of Choices For Youth. My trip was framed by my work with Choices For Youth, but the contents of this report are to be taken as a reflection on my entire experience, not just the […]

  • Please Replace Our Ship

    Please Replace Our Ship

    Last night, I attended the SS Ethie Dinner Theatre at the Nurse Myra Bennett for the Performing Arts-Fortis Theatre in Cow Head, Newfoundland. I left the theatre thinking about the modern manifestation of, please, can you replace our ship with something that works?

  • Totally Watching Television

    Totally Watching Television

    I’m on the couch, on a Friday morning. British and Irish accents mix with the sound of cars outside the window. Tiger Woods is putting for birdie on the 15th hole. The Open Championship is at St. Andrews this year. After waking, I made cranberry-chocolate-chip waffles. Ralph, the goldendoodle, slept on his bed in the […]

  • Sharing the 2021 Worga Foundation Annual Report

    Sharing the 2021 Worga Foundation Annual Report

    I have the great privilege of working with the Worga Foundation. The organization partners with a global community of Mabaan learners and leaders to support their efforts to create more love, justice, and equality in their communities. To be Mabaan is to be from an Indigenous tribe that lives primarily in Maban County, a northeastern […]

  • My Procrastination Habit…

    My Procrastination Habit…

    I’m reading Unwinding Anxiety: New Science Show How to Break the Cycles of Worry and Fear to Heal Your Mind by Dr. Judson Brewer. I love reading it. It’s written in a simple, chatty, and example-laden way and it works well with the way that I learn. I’m savouring the last couple of chapters. I […]

  • This Is How You Lose The Time War

    This Is How You Lose The Time War

    Aside from being an evocative phrase, “This Is How You Lose The Time War” is a book. It became this week’s reading material on recommendation from a friend with readerly and writerly practices and aspirations similar to mine. I read it in two ways: The way that I read when I was a kid on […]

  • Something For My Friends To Read

    Something For My Friends To Read

    This morning I read this week’s edition of Notes From A Small Press, a regular newsletter from Anne Trubek, the founder and owner of Belt Publishing. I love what Anne does with this newsletter. It brings me into the world of publishing, invites me to discover new writers, and encourages me to pursue my own […]

  • Surprise Us With Grace

    Surprise Us With Grace

    This morning I read You Are Not A Server: Nor Are You Finalizable by Alan Jacobs, in the Hedgehog Review. The article invited me to: Challenge the simile, “my brain is like a computer” and question its (the simile’s) usefulness. Expand my options and consider the third response. Imagine alternative relationships with social media. Read […]