Listening: Nathan Angelo Discography

Listening to Nathan Angelo, back-to-back x 4 is inspiring.

Just before Christmas I ordered a 5 CD bundle from Nathan Angelo. It included his albums: Out of the Blue (2013), Nathan Angelo: Live at Smith’s Olde Bar (2015), Carolina (2015), A Matter of Time (2017), and Pick Me Up (2021). I added these to 3 other albums that already sit on my shelf: Through Playing Me (2006), These Ol’ Keys (2009), and Follow Your Heart (2011) that already sit on my shelf.

I discovered Nathan Angelo on Myspace sometime in late-highschool or early-university, somewhere around when I started listening to Matt Wertz, Dave Barnes, Ben Rector, Parachute, and Jon McLaughlin.

He’s the kind of artist that I want to listen to on CD because his albums are each an experience. Each one has a unique sound, point of view, and sense of atmosphere.

Nathan’s musicianship is off the charts but it’s his authenticity that keeps me coming back. Each song invites me to accompany him on an exploration of something close to his heart. He inspires me to write songs that feel true and to scratch up memories of moments that stick with me.

Buy Nathan Angelo’s music at:

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