Love You Forever

I can’t even read about reading Love You Forever without crying. I read this article, by Yasmine Abbasakoor, sitting on my couch in Halifax, and feel like driving home to see my mom and dad. I mean, why not? Right? I could get in the car and be home by, well, it’d be like this time tomorrow. But, it’d be worth it. It’d also be annoying if I just showed up at their front door, like some big surprise. I know I’m special and everything, but maybe I could arrive with a little more notice?

Anyway, I started my day with warmth running up my neck, a drippy nose, and confined-to-eyelid-tears. I feel good, so have a read, if you want to.

Thanks to Yasmine Abbasakoor for writing (in 2018) about a book that I love (and to the randomness of the algorithm for showing me this 3 year old article on its homepage this morning).

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