Back to the Field

So now that I’m back from Belgium I get to go back to all of the exciting things in my regular Canadian life. One of those exciting things is being the coach of a Byron Under 16 boys soccer team. Armed with a Europe inspired passion for the World Cup I’m ready to get back to the game. Our team plays under the lights tonight at the Byron Complex which will add to the intensity of the game. So far this year the team has been a little hot and cold. We’ve put up a few great wins, but have also played a few inconsistent games here and there. We have some really hardworking and talented players but we often lack the finish to keep up with the top teams. It will be interesting to see how far the boys have come in the two weeks I’ve been away. My co-coaches Neil and Nick have been working them hard I am sure so I’m expecting great things!

By the way…how are we feeling about the World Cup right now? I’m jumping on the Ghana bandwagon even though I was just in the Netherlands. When I was younger I used to cheer for the Netherlands because I liked their orange jerseys! I have since shifted allegiances to a relatively frustrating nation…England…England seems to be kind of like cheering for the Maple Leafs sometimes…

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