Last Day in Thunder Bay & Back to London…

Day #62

Well, I shouldn’t be awake right now. I should be sleeping because I fly out of Thunder Bay at 8:50am. I have to be coherent enough to negotiate my way to Wasaya baggage claim to get my guitar and then on to Air Canada baggage check-in. My flight from Toronto to London is scheduled to land at approximately 12:10pm, so hopefully all goes according to plan. It’s a little weird thinking that all that has happened this summer will be in my past as of tomorrow. I think that it will only be in the past in a ‘time’ specific sense however. I know that I will carry this experience with me for the rest of my life. I said goodbye to Jenette, Courtney, Nanajean and Esther this evening. It was a little sad for all of us, because we really did come together as a team and ended up having a great time together in Fort Hope. Perhaps we will all meet again someday. But if not, we will always have the memories of a great summer of 2009 in Fort Hope.

See you in London!

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