Back to Reality…

Day #61

I’m back to reality. I’m sitting in my Lakehead University dorm room awaiting the start of my final day away from home. I won’t even begin to describe the feelings I had today, because at this moment I cannot put them into words. I am happy as anything to be only one day away from returning to London, but I have never felt closer to Fort Hope than I do right now. So many conflicting emotions are running through me right now. The end result is a warm feeling, one that is slowly helping me to realize the truly important things in life. As we flew from Fort Hope today, in perfect sunny weather, I allowed myself to feel the weight of this summer sink in for a moment. The immensity of what has happened, and is still happening to me as a result of my experiences is still revealing itself. I don’t really know what else to say right now.

Lastly, as our plane traveled high above the Canadian wilderness, I found myself feeling closer to my country, and despite its flaws, more proud of it than ever.

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