The Fast, Slow Day

Day #57

Before I really launch into this I should say that it rained again in Fort Hope…Nothing new, just something that I thought I should update you on…Okay, and also, one more thing…Why is it that the number of people visiting my blog randomly spiked today? I feel very flattered by this, but I also know that there is a possibility it was just my dad checking it from 6 or 7 different computers…Still though, I am sufficiently intrigued…

Alright, well here goes…I should first apologize for my absence from the blogosphere yesterday. I was unavoidably disconnected from the internet due to our move. We are now once again connected and I’ll do my best to make up for lost time.

It is hard for me to complain about the amount of work we currently have to do, because most of it is fun and worthwhile stuff, it’s just a lot! For starters, we have a large number of Frontier College reports, interviews and forms to fill out. We’ve been conducting interviews with community members, campers and parents for the last couple of days so that we can collect data about the effectiveness of this year’s camp. We are also trolling for constructive criticisms that will potentially help the next group of Fort Hope counselors. In addition, we are responsible for creating a portfolio of our experiences in Fort Hope. Frontier College then uses this portfolio as a promotional tool for recruiting new donors. Now, the intelligent thing to do would have been to compile this portfolio page by page throughout the summer, but we basically have left the entire thing until the end. We’ve got a significant amount of work left to do…48 pages of summer documentation is a lot of work to do in the next few days, but I have faith, we will get it done!

On top of the Frontier College work, we have a tonne of work to do before Friday’s camp wrap up party. We created invitations today, but still need to work on distributing them…I personally have to prepare another video (the boys finally finished their second video today), create a slideshow with video clips for the end of camp party and create 10 portfolio pages. I’m not complaining, I just have a lot to do!

Now, for the rundown on today…

We were expecting to have very low numbers this morning, on account of camp being canceled yesterday and the rain pouring from the sky. However, to our surprise, our 4-6 year old class hit 9 children at its peak. We ended up having a great morning of picture taking and community walking. We had each of the kids walk us to their house, where we took a picture of them and their friends. I took the boys, and Nanajean took the girls. It was fun, except for when the dogs started to chase us, but don’t worry, I scared them off!

In the afternoon, I finally got the boys to finish off their second movie. It was a rather painful experience to actually get the last few scenes shot, and I have no idea how I am going to make it all fit together…I’m sure that I’ll figure it out though…In addition to the movie shoot, we managed to get the boys to do another lyric fill-in-the-blank activity. I gave them the Cofield original ‘Wasted’ as the activity. They didn’t really like the song I don’t think, but they did think it was at least semi-cool that it was me singing!

After camp, Nanajean and I got a running start on our 4-6 year old portfolio pages. Neither one of us was particularly looking forward to drawing little pictures or scrapbooking, but we managed to get a decent start. It was a rather comical process of miss-spellings, and at least on my part, terrible art skills! Oh well, eventually it will all get done!

Anyway, I’ve got to stop writing and get working on the camp slideshow. I’m going out to do sprints on the airfield with my NAPS friend and Leo tonight, so I want to get some work done before that! How many opportunities do you get to do sprints on an airfield? 🙂

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