Move It!

Day #56

Today was a crazy day. We were evicted, twice. First we were informed that we needed to move out of our house in order to let the cleaning staff in to clean. At first we were told that we would move sometime on Thursday, then suddenly things changed and we were to move by morning. Then, just as suddenly, we were told that we would need to be out of our house by lunchtime!

On top of this we also experienced the exact same progression of events with our camp portables. Originally we had planned our week so that we would do a final clear-out and clean of the portables on Thursday night. This morning that all changed and we ended up spending the majority of the day (the part that wasn’t spent moving our own stuff from house to house) taking down work and clearing out the portables. The cleaning staff, who have been wonderful to us all summer, asked us if we could give them some extra time to clean the classrooms. After all of the great things they have done for us this summer, it was hard to feel any irritation because of this change in plans, but it did make for a rather hectic day.

Our new house is rather nice actually. It is very ‘cottage-like’ and pretty much a miniature version of our old one. By the way, the change in house also means that we no longer have an internet connection, thus resulting in the delay in posting this.

Tonight I had one of my best experiences to date in Fort Hope. I went for a run with two great guys named Paul and Leo. We jogged out to Thomasbridge and back. It was fun to finally have some casual talk with a couple ‘guys’ from Fort Hope. It was also nice, because both Paul and Leo had spent some considerable time in the London area. It was nice to have that connection, and made for some entertaining conversation. Anyway, it’s extremely late right now, and I need to sleep. More

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