Raining on Sunday…

Day #55

In the famous words of Keith Urban it was ‘raining on Sunday’ in Fort Hope. Now, Keith’s words were tinged with country/religious heartbreak, designed to sell records, so I suppose that they’re not the most applicable to my day, but still, I like the reference. August 16, 2009 was one of those lazy, rainy, cold, windy days that have come to be commonplace in my life this summer. I spoke a week or two ago about these kind of days, and how I’ve really grown quite accustomed to them. I wrote about how I’ve come to appreciate the down time a rainy day offers. The chance to read a book, write some lyrics, watch a movie and just chill out. Well, perhaps it’s a sign of my imminent return to the ‘South’ or maybe I’ve just finally reached my tolerance level for indoor days, but I was antsy today!

I woke up to the sound of the rain, and instantly made the decision that I was going to force myself to go for a run. The second I emerged from sleep, I knew that I had to get moving and out of the house. Something was keeping me from sitting still and focusing on a book! So, I went out for a significantly miserable run in the rain. I returned from my run in completely the same mood as I had found myself when I awoke. Luckily I had somewhere to go immediately after I returned. We were meeting Nanajean and Esther at the school for a planning/report writing session.

Now, about the last thing I wanted to do, in my fidgety state, was sit in a 4 year old sized chair and participate in a report writing session, but that’s what happened for the next three hours. All in all I think that I contributed rather effectively to the discussion and managed to keep myself under control! The meeting was again a little bit tense as all of our ‘end of camp’ ideas converged and had to be sorted through. In the end everything worked out brilliantly, I hope! 😉

By the end of the meeting I was sufficiently calmed down, and have now rather enjoyed being inside for the rest of the day. I just gained a running partner for tomorrow night, so I’m pretty excited. I’m going to be running with one of the NAPS guys out to a place called Thomasbridge and back tomorrow evening. I wish that he’d considered coming by earlier in the summer! Oh well, it should be fun!

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