We’ll all be Zombies Someday…

Day #49

Oh Nicholas…

I can’t help but share a little conversation that my 5 year old friend Nicholas had with himself today. This conversation had deep roots in Nicholas’s two brothers, Nygel and Joshua. Nygel and Josh are in our afternoon group of 10-11s and were both featured prominently as zombies in the epic film ‘Vampire vs. Zombies’. As a result, all Nicholas had on the brain today was zombie life. I should give you a little bit of background about Nicholas…Nicholas is our resident storyteller. He lights up our classroom everyday with his outrageous stories. Quite often Nanajean and I have no idea what he is talking about, but still find ourselves laughing uproariously at his commentary. It is my opinion that Nicholas has a future as a radio host, colour commentator or possibly as an author…He just loves to talk and talk and talk! His stories are made even more adorable by the fact that he meanders through his narrative, stopping every now and then to chortle to himself about a particularly comic moment! Nicholas’s one failing is that he is fiercly loyal to his main character, his dog Gary. Gary finds himself a part of every story, no matter how outrageous the situation! Gary has already stolen the family boat, fought pirates, found buried treasure and stopped a thunderstorm…He is truly the next Clifford! Today Nicholas told us the story of Gary and the Zombies. The story was a thickly woven tale of canine intelligence and companionship. Gary followed Nicholas to school (camp) and led him downstairs to the basement of the portable where they found the two zombies that live there. Gary jumped on the two zombies (Nygel and Josh were conveniently their names) and licked them back to normal…At the end of the story Nicholas ended off like any great storyteller would. He ended with a provocative, complex statement for his audience to consider. This is what he said…

Gary helped me escape the zombies and gave them a ball to play with so that they didn’t need to kill people anymore. Do you know what happens to people when they die? They turn into Zombies and live in the basement…

So there you have it folks. You heard it here first. There will be no after life after all. We are all destined to turn into zombies and life in the basement of a portable in Fort Hope! All of this from a 5 year old…

Aside from Nicholas’s storytelling genius it was a relatively calm and quiet day. We only had three 4-6 year olds in the morning, so it was a pretty relaxed few hours. The afternoon brought the pace back up to a frenzy though. We had our crew of four 10-11 year old boys swell to six. The boys are always full of inappropriate, good natured bathroom and bodily function humour. They all do their level best to outdo one another in the ‘gross’ category. They are about as stereotypically male as you get! The boys did some work on their newest movie idea. We are planning to attempt to create a survival flick before I leave next Friday. I hope that it works out, but we’ll just have to see!

After camp I went for a rather painful run, but have lived to tell the tale…I just wasn’t feeling it today haha…Anyway, that’s all for tonight!

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