Ah…The Lazy Day…What a Wonderful Thing!

Day #48

It rained all day, but wow, did I ever love it! As has been the case throughout most of the summer, my morning began with the sound of rain outside my window. This calming sound, combined with the grey sky peeking through my blinds conspired to keep me in bed until about 10:30am. The rest of my day consisted of some reading, lyric writing, camp planning, guitar practicing and a couple of episodes of the latest season of 24. Other than my decision to go for a little walk in the rain, the day was completely and totally uneventful! It’s days like these that I am going to miss when I come home. I am going to miss sitting in a chair and reading without my mind jumping to a million other things. I am going to miss writing song lyrics without worrying about running out to a show. I am going to miss playing the guitar in my room without feeling the guilt of not finishing an essay. These are just some of the little things that I am going to miss about Fort Hope. It’s funny that these simple lifestyle things are what I am coming to appreciate most.

With that being said…Despite the fact that the fast paced action of the city will likely be a bit of a shock upon my return, I am still excited that this will be our final full week of camp. I’m excited because we have great things planned for the kids, and also because we’re coming around the bend towards the final stretch of our summer. It will be wonderful to see the city again, because as much as I love the relaxing, simple lifestyle of Fort Hope, I find myself yearning for some sense of cosmopolitanism. I’m also pretty stoked to see the lads in the band again and get down to writing some new tunes. I’ve been trying to work on some lyrics lately, so hopefully we’ll be able to get right down to it when I get back.

Anyway, I could keep rambling on about what’s in my head right now, but I’ll stop and hit the hay! I’ll do a bit more rambling tomorrow night!

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