Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!

Day #46

So I’m do rather well right now…I say this for the pure and simple fact that I am still presently awake! Last night ended up being a relatively late night, just after 1am was my final bedtime, due to my production attempts on the boys’ movie. The final title of the film was ‘Vampire vs. Zombies’. We had one vampire and two zombies, so the title is a little awkward as a result! It definitely didn’t turn out to be the finest cinematic work, but it ended up looking okay, and it made a little bit of sense.

Today marked the end of the second last full week of camp. The day started off with a fun filled morning of 4-6 year old crafts. We made some ‘cool’ sculptures out of model magic clay, painted some great pictures and made full sized pirate hats. The other day we made miniature pirate hats that really just confused our kids! They couldn’t understand why we would make hats that they couldn’t wear haha…So today we got back into their good books and made giant pirate hats out of larger pieces of construction paper. It’s kind of funny; we’ve spent all summer conserving our craft supplies, and now we have suddenly reached the end of the second last week of camp…We are now left with a surplus of supplies! Next week is going to be full of crafts I think!

This afternoon we cooked homemade pizza (including homemade dough) with our 10 and 11 year old boys. They really enjoyed the cooking thing, because it was definitely more ‘manly’ than baking cookies or muffins! It was ‘ever’ cool! We also gave into one of their requests and went into the gym, turned off all the lights and played Marco Polo. I had never played Marco Polo out of the water before, so it was an experience! My Southern sense of protectionism kept me worrying that someone was going to break an arm, or run out of the gym or something, but luckily everyone played responsibly and the game went over like gangbusters.

After our Marco Polo adventure, we sat down and watched the premier presentation of Vampire vs. Zombies. The kids loved the movie and didn’t even groan too much when they saw that I had used Chariots of Fire during one of their chase scenes. Parker called my music choices ‘ever phoney’, but I was proud of them! The final activity of the day was to complete a worksheet that I had created, based on the popular facebook note ‘Songtrack to Your Life’. For those of you that haven’t done it before…basically what you do is put your iTunes on shuffle and keep clicking next song. Everytime you click next you record the title of the song under the heading given to you in the outline. For example, one might be asked for your Waking Up song. You would hit next on your iTunes and then whatever song came up next would be the one you would write down under this slot. It’s a pretty fun excercise and tends to produce some pretty hilarious results! The boys enjoyed it and all in all it capped off what I would suggest was our best ‘fun’ day at camp.

After camp I just chilled out for a bit until Nanajean and Esther came over for our second to last camp planning meeting. We decided to get the meeting over and done with tonight so that we could go on our camping excursion with clear heads! The meeting was our least stressful so far…I think that perhaps we are finally getting the hang of this camp thing. We also are getting to know each other a little bit better, so we don’t accidentally push the buttons that we did at the start. After our meeting we lit another campfire and hung out for awhile with some kids. I am now getting ready to head off to bed. I guess in theory I am almost 19 years old now…I can’t remember what time I was born at or anything, but I’m almost there I guess…

Alright, that’s all for me tonight…I’m hoping to maybe get up in time for a run tomorrow morning, but we’ll see about that when my alarm goes off haha!

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