Spielberg Take Notice…

Day #42

Shockingly it was raining in Fort Hope today. According to the weather network, we are supposed to be in for at least a few days of sun over the next little while. It’s not that rain was the defining factor of the day, I just like to keep you all abreast of the soggy weather situation here on the reserve!

Even though the rain didn’t define the day, it really was just about the most interesting thing that happened haha. There were some good times, and some fun times, but really it was kind of a lazy day. In the morning we had a decent sized contigent of 5 kids and were able to occupy them quite easily with our daily routine and a fun craft. It didn’t really matter that all we had them do was decorate a ‘portfolio’ for their work, because we provided them with ‘googly eyes’, ‘cotton balls’, feathers and other decorating materials to keep them interested. We even let them use markers!

In the afternoon we again only had 5 kids, so I took the opportunity and donned my Spielberg director’s hat and began to film the boy’s scary movie from a week ago. We made it through the first scene, which was exciting, and we are going to continue on with it tomorrow!

Aside from that, I went for another miserable run in the rain, wind and cold. It was worth the miserableness when it was over, but it definitely was not fun!

Okay, well, clearly I am not exactly full of things to say tonight…Hopefully I’ll have something better to add tomorrow…

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