The Trek…

Day #40

What do most normal people do on wet, cold, rainy days? Some would chose to stay inside, read a book, watch tv, play some music or maybe attempt to balance their checkbook. What have I done during the last two rainy days? Well…let me tell you…Yesterday, the temperature peaked at a balmy 13 degrees and rain dominated the landscape for approximately all of the day’s 24 hours. Yesterday, I ran a half marathon…Makes sense right? No, you’re right, it really doesn’t, but whatever, it was good for me I suppose. So, when today dawned another rainy, and this time, single digit temperatured day (the temperature never rose above 9 degrees, I could see my breath on occasion) I thought that perhaps I should follow the cultural norms and remain indoors. Until 4:30 this afternoon I managed to accomplish this. I woke up, made a batch of pancakes, talked on the phone with the family for a while and then filled some time by playing the piano and working on learning the guitar. What I did not anticipate was a knock on our door that would soon drag me from my lazy day, and out into the wilderness.

At about 3:30 a few of Esther’s friends (Joseph, Julia and Harold) stopped by our place, in the pouring rain, and asked if we wanted to go on a 13 km, 4 hours canoe ride with them. The girls, Jenette and Courtney readily agreed to this proposition, but me, well the practical side of me wanted to just stay curled up in the house. I considered my options and then reluctantly agreed to join the paddle. It truly was against my better judgement. To be honest, I don’t love canoeing, I don’t mind it, but I don’t love it. The trip ended up being bearable, although just barely haha. I don’t mean that I guess, it was definitely worth my time, and I definitely saw some beautiful scenery, but it was damn cold! My hands are still unthawing! We didn’t get back from our trip until about 10:00pm tonight (it is still light at 10pm), so I am ready to go to bed. I will share more anecdotes about the adventure that was our afternoon canoe trip when I post tomorrow. For now though, I must head off to bed.

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