Where’s the Hat? Just Call Me Chef Fearnall…

Day #36

Breaking news! Today, I was thrust into a role that I had not yet been field tested in. Tonight, I fired up the stove, whipped out a frying pan, took out a pot and made dinner! I was the only person available to man the kitchen this evening, so for the first time in Fort Hope history, I, Adam Fearnall made dinner. I cooked up pork chops, rice and some nicely (if I do say so myself) cooked onion, peppers and carrots. I was rather pleased with the outcome of the meal, and it received the stamp of approval from Jenette and Courtney! I think that they were a little bit concerned that I would blow up the kitchen or worse still, season everything with cinammon, but I think that I maybe, just maybe surprised them a little bit tonight! They were quite appreciative of the meal and we had a good laugh about the lack of faith they may or may not have had in my cooking abilities…Who knows, they could have just been being nice…It may have been a horrible meal, but I think it at least passed the test.

Cooking was definitely the defining moment of the day for me haha, but it was also a good day all around. The morning featured a strong showing from the 4-6 year old children. We had 11 kids this morning…The 11 kids were completely bonkers this morning. They were literally bouncing off the walls. Nanajean and I had to do our best to use our teacher voices and get the kids to settle down, but we had trouble not just breaking down into fits of laughter. We held it together and actually had to cut their gym time short and ‘take away their painting privileges’. They were pretty severe measures, but hopefully we didn’t go overboard! It would be nice to get all of the kids back again tomorrow haha. Nanajean and I talked about the morning for the rest of the day, and laughed ourselves silly thinking back to all of the ridiculous things that we said during the discipline processes and all of the hiliarious things that the kids did.

This afternoon we had our regular small contingent of kids, but still managed to piece together a pretty enjoyable day. We did a lyric exercise based on ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’ and then sent everyone off on a ‘Picture Scavenger Hunt’. Apparently ‘Scavenger Hunt’ is the magic formula for camp engagement. Everyone loved it, and my team, for the first time, came out on top!! Parker, Nygel, Mason and I formed a pretty dynamic quartet!

At 6pm I began my time as a music teacher…I was way out of my league, but I still think that I managed to give the kids that came out an enjoyable half hour of music time. I worked on writing songs with Cassie and Alexis, worked on singing with Nathanial and piano with Nygel. It was a great evening and some really positive results came out of each half hour. I’m looking forward to continuing with each of the kids next week.

Alright…I think that’s all for tonight, but I’ll be back tomorrow…

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