Bring on the Charge…

Day #35

Yesterday I asked for a cavalry charge…Today I received it! If only life always worked this way! The 4-6 class at Literacy Camp had once again dwindled to a measly 4 children as of 12:30 on Monday. Today, by 12:30 our numbers once again ricocheted off the bottom, all the way back up to 13 kids! This happened despite the fact that it absolutely poured rain all morning (rain usually keeps campers home). Our classroom tends to get a little bit chaotic when our numbers spike over the ten child mark, but I’ll take chaos as opposed to silence on just about any day of camp.

This afternoon was probably one of the more entertaining afternoons that I have had in awhile. We only had six kids, but the six that we did have were willing to participate and get involved. They responded really well to the “Enter Sandman” lyric sheet, and were much more comfortable with the level of difficulty than yesterday. We also continued working on our dream catchers with Nanajean. The excercise was rather frustrating for us boys. We apparently lack the dexterity to properly weave them, but we gave it a shot. Despite the fact that I, and the other boys in the class failed miserably at dream catcher making, it was still a good activity and took up a solid hour of camp.

After camp I dragged myself out the door for a run, which was definitely worth the effort, but still wasn’t exactly pleasant. I also ended up playing the piano for about an hour and half because there were people in the radio station. I was really hoping to get another radio show tonight, but the non-existent airtime schedule makes it a little difficult to figure out when the best time to go down is!

Tomorrow I am going to begin working with a few kids on some singing, piano and songwriting, so hopefully that goes well. I’m not 100% sure exactly what I’m going to do with each one of them, but I guess I’ll just have to figure it out on the fly. ‘On the fly’ seems to be one of the constants of this summer!

Alright, again, I seem to be really falling down on the job as far as offering any sort of anecdotes or interesting commentary in my blogs, but I really just don’t have anything for you right now. Like I said last night, hopefully I get a chance to write something more substantial one of these nights, but for now I am just going to apologize for my lack of creativity and head off to bed!

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