Lucky Number 13…

Day #30

The walking school bus failed yet again…but…yet again our attendance spiked! We finished our day with 13 enthusiastic 4-6 year olds. What made this even better was the fact that out of our 13, 3 of them were brand new. Some of the new kids were a bit of a handful, but overall it was just fantastic to have 13 kids in our classroom. Hopefully we can keep our momentum up tomorrow and into next week. It’s been a great two days for our 4-6 program, and I think that we’ve done enough to hang on to it for another little bit.

I’m having trouble thinking of anything particularly earth shattering to relay to you about today, but to be honest there really isn’t all that much to say.

In the afternoon we had our usual group of boys in for the 10-11 year old age category. We seem to have lost our girls…We have finally gotten to the bottom of the reason for this. Some of the boys have taken to calling one of the girls in our class ‘disease’. Apparently this is funny to them, but it isn’t particularly funny for the girls. They have been staying away from camp like it’s the plague. We’re doing our best to deal with this issue, but it’s kind of sticky. We’ll figure it out though.

We spent a good portion of the afternoon outside at ‘the point’. We took the kids out for a picnic and ended up playing a couple of literacy games with them for the rest of the day. It was nice to be outside, and the kids actually didn’t run away from us! Hooray! 

After camp I took a fairly long swim in the lake. It was a little cool, but the water was pleasant enough!

I apologize for the boring-ness of this blog, but I just don’t really have a lot to say about today…It was a good day, just not too much has happened so far!

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