I am Who I am and Nothing Else

Recently someone close to me uttered a statement that struck me as being so profound that I am writing about it on Friday night of my university orientation week. This statement may not seem profound or particularly complex, but to me it was an illustration of just what it meant to be real. The statement that has had me thinking for the past few days is “I’m not that special, I am who I am and nothing else.” See? A simple statement, nothing flowery, just plain, simple and heartfelt. But the beauty of this phrase does not come in it’s elegance, but through its contradictory nature. The opening of the phrase states, “I’m not that special…” but is immediately followed by “I am who I am and nothing else.” The funny thing is that in the world we live in, being who you are is infinitely difficult. It is one of the greatest challenges in life to be who you are, to go through life and just “be.” If you can do that you are truly special. In our lives we place far to much importance on being someone that fufills the wishes of society. Those people that are able to live without constant fear are special and deserve to be recognized for it.

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